Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

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Metallic epoxy floor coating in a home living area, from Surface Systems of Texas


Our Metallic Epoxy is a truly stunning epoxy / urethane floor coating for both commercial and residential applications. The brilliant effects are created by the use of metallic additives that flow uniquely when applied. The metallic "drift" produces a dynamic color-changing custom floor which is also highly durable, with its high gloss polyurethane topcoat.

Metallic Epoxy adapts to any decor, any setting, whether commercial or residential (see our photo gallery.) The movement or mottling in the color is in some ways like acid stain; but the depth of color and gloss is unlike anything else on the market.

The coating process requires 3-5 days to install. It consists of diamond grinding the concrete for surface prep, two coats of epoxy primer, the epoxy color coat, and usually a polyurethane topcoat. In commercial settings, the coating should be waxed as well, to protect the finish. (We use a mop-on wax that's easy for the customer to re-apply as needed.)

Metallic Epoxy is very thick as coatings go, at about 1/8 inch, and looks as though it's inches deep - as if you can almost reach into it! When the floor needs to make a statement, this application delivers a 'Wow'! factor like no other flooring can!

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