ColorFlake Concrete Floor Coatings

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ColorFlake epoxy floor coating on a garage floor, shown in Dual-Tone color process, from Surface Systems of texas

ColorFlake Epoxy Floor Coating

shown above in Dual-Tone design

Elegant enough to be the favorite floor in multi-million dollar homes, yet durable enough
 to withstand solvent spills in a warehouse - that’s ColorFlake!

The ColorFlake Floor System is a decorative concrete application designed to provide a terrazzo-granite look to residential or commercial concrete floors at a fraction of the cost of real stone (see our photo gallery.) ColorFlake is available in many colors and styles to compliment any decor, while providing a low maintenance slip-resistant surface with excellent resistance to staining, impact, and abrasion. The high performance components used in ColorFlake offer proven, time tested technology to provide a durable floor that will last indefinitely with very little maintenance.

In residential applications this system is ideal for use as a garage floor, instantly transforming that large neglected 'room' into a source of pride, not embarrassment! Commercially, it is ideal for clinics, showrooms, office floors, retail stores, cafeterias, restrooms and many other applications. For industrial uses it is suitable for warehouses, parking garages and aircraft hangars. The clear polyurethane topcoat coating is impervious to oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, urine, blood, ink, even paint thinner or mineral spirits!

Surrounding areas stay cleaner too, because the concrete is now sealed and can no longer 'dust' and be tracked into the home or work place. Gone too are the surface cracks, staining and other annoyances associated with plain concrete. The coating is applied vertically as well as horizontally, so there is no plain concrete visible anywhere.

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Our Process

Hand-grinding and scrubbing a garage concrete floor, prior to ColorFlake epoxy applicationThe ColorFlake application is a multi-step process that typically takes two days to complete, but can sometimes be done in a single day. First, the concrete must be properly cleaned and ‘profiled’ to accept the coating - this is done by diamond grinding or shot blasting. Cracks and other imperfections are then repaired. Following that, the 100% solids epoxy primer / basecoat is applied along with a full broadcast of our decorative acrylic chips, or ‘flakes’. This step is what gives our floors their exclusive look, the “WOW” factor! (Most of our colors are a proprietary blend, unavailable anywhere else.)

After drying, for beauty and protection we apply a solvent based high solids polyurethane clear coat. Job applications that are prone to being wet such as garage floors also include a slip resistant additive that meets the ADA standards for slip resistance. Like everything we do, we take this seriously!

The floor requires 24 hours to dry and 72 hours to cure for vehicle traffic. If time is of the essence, we can speed up the application and cure time by using polyurea and polyaspartic coatings, in lieu of epoxy / urethane.

For maintenance, simply sweep or blow the floor to remove dirt and debris. Dirt acts like sandpaper under shoes and car tires and can prematurely wear the topcoat. Spot cleaning can be done using Simple Green and a damp rag. For a more thorough cleaning, which we suggest at least annually, use Simple Green and mop or broom the floor and rinse. It will look like new again!