Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

Project Photos

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Metallic Epoxy in Reef color
(REF# 401)

Stunning metallic epoxy floor

Metallic Epoxy in Rum color
(REF# 402)

The Compass Rose was score cut into the floor
(REF# 403)

(REF# 404)

(REF# 405)

The ultimate man cave?
(REF# 406)

Metallic Epoxy in Rum
(REF# 407)

Metallic Epoxy in Rum
(REF# 408)

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Metallic epoxy floor in a living area

Metallic Epoxy in Dolphin color
(REF# 409)

Sunset color
(REF# 410)

Cafe' color
(REF# 411)


Metallic Epoxy in Graphite color
(REF# 412)

Dolphin color
(REF# 413)

Metallic Epoxy in a living area
(REF# 414)

Metallic Epoxy in a bedroom
(REF# 415)

Metallic Epoxy in a salon
(REF# 416)

A unique metallic epoxy floor in a salon

Color is Sunset
(REF# 417)

Metallic Epoxy in Sunset color
(REF# 418)

Office floor being updated
(REF# 419)

The Metallic Epoxy transformation!
(REF# 420)

Color is Graphite
(REF# 421)

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