Surface Systems' TerraStone Coatings

Surface Systems' TerraStone is designed to provide a decorative slip-resistant finish on residential and commercial pool decks, patios, walkways, porches, driveways, and virtually anywhere an economical concrete texture coating is desired.

Made from polymer concrete, the "stucco" appearance is elegant yet extremely durable.  It has several advantages over tile and stone; there are no troublesome grout lines to deal with, it will not chip or break, and it is generally less expensive.

TerraStone decorative concrete coating in tile design on a home entranceAvailable in many standard colors, and TerraStone custom colors are available upon request (see our photo gallery slide show.)  For a truly unique and beautiful effect, our exclusive "faux coloring" process is a blend of several colors, providing unique shading and tints when viewed from different angles and under various lighting conditions.  The addition of borders can also create an appealing transition from one surface to another.
Depending on the application, various sealers are available to provide different levels of gloss, mildew and UV protection, and to facilitate maintenance.  Our professionals will help choose the proper sealer, though on some applications a sealer may not be required.