Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the most important part of a successful coating or resurfacing project. Prior to any application, Surface Systems will ensure that the surface is clean and sound; free of dirt, oil, grease, loose material, and any prior coatings. Additionally a proper ‘profile’, or degree of porosity must be achieved as well. If neglected, any of these factors could interfere with proper bonding. The manner of surface preparation depends on many factors of the substrate to be coated and the application system chosen. Our experienced technicians will determine the appropriate method(s), such as:

You can be sure that the preparation procedures chosen will be implemented with the utmost consideration for your home or business, and with careful attention to environmental issues. After initial preparation, holes and imperfections will be filled and cracks will be repaired. Our crack repair system has been tested and proven effective in all kinds of climates, all over the world. However, you need to be aware that we cannot guarantee that cracks will not return. This policy is not unique to Surface Systems. No reputable contractor will guarantee concrete against cracking - not even new concrete! It's simply an inherent characteristic of concrete itself.

Structural (moving) cracks are much tougher to repair, while shrinkage or "hairline" cracks are usually never seen again. Because of its flexible properties, our polymer concrete - which is utilized in our stamping and TerraStone systems - makes a surface far more resistant to cracking than unmodified concrete. However, there still cannot be a guarantee against cracking because of the underlying foundation.

 In the photo above, a broken concrete edge, or "lip" is being repaired. (More photos)