Product Information

The essence of our Stamped Overlay and TerraStone applications is our special polymer concrete. Specifically, what makes it unique and so durable is the polymer additive itself. When mixed with cement, sand, and water (the ingredients in making concrete), a new compound is formed. Physically, when applied onto a stable substrate, the new compound exhibits increased compressive and flexural strength. It is designed to combat the shortcomings of traditional unmodified concrete, particularly it is ideal for thin section patching, leveling, re-pitching, and resurfacing (overlay) applications from zero to two inches thick. It can be stamped, textured, and colored.

And bonding? Our polymer concrete bonds tenaciously to regular concrete as evidenced by the photos and captions below:

As they say, 'a picture is worth a thousand words.'  Here are photos of a stamped overlay floor that we did in the kitchen and living area of a coastal residence in 2004. These photos were taken after the home was totally destroyed by Hurricane Ike in 2008 - but not our flooring!

(click photos to enlarge)


The slab was later removed in preparation for a new house, and used as  rip-rap to help protect the shoreline of the property. Notice the jackhammer marks, and that most of our overlay is still bonding even after the floor was broken into pieces!

  This image shows how well our polymer concrete bonds to the original concrete                  

Most importantly, and to put it simply,

It Works and It Lasts!