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There are many companies offering a variety of possible product selections for any concrete or flooring project.  At Surface Systems, we believe that our 15 years of experience in the greater Houston, Texas area as well as our ‘no pressure policy’ sets us apart from other Contractors. We realize the trust that is involved when a customer is looking for information and considering all the various choices available in the marketplace. 

From the initial consultation we take our time to be sure we understand your needs and expectations, as well as consider all factors associated with the project before we suggest any product or ‘surface system’ for the application.  Selecting the right product is as important as selecting the right Contractor, and both are key to your being as happy years from now, as you will be the day the project is completed. 

We never try to ‘make a sale’, there is never any pressure to sign a contract.   Instead we provide thoughtful information, in depth answers to your questions, and suggest possible application systems along with pricing…then let you decide from there.  While we are seldom the low bidder, we feel like we are almost always the best value when one considers which products are the most enduring.  It is important to also consider which Contractor will be there to honor the warranty should the need ever arise, or even just to provide ongoing maintenance down the road.

With every estimate we provide dozens if not hundreds of references.  We encourage you to check us out, including checking our record with the Houston Better Business Bureau before you make a decision.

And we’re so sure you will be happy with our work, we don’t even ask for a deposit unless there are special order materials involved.  Once the job is complete, when you say you are satisfied with our work, we’ll simply send you an invoice and you can mail the payment.  How many Contractors can make that statement?  At Surface Systems, we are all about your satisfaction!   

Surface Systems is what we provide.  It's who we are!  It's what we do!

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Our Dual Tone ColorFlake coatingWhen it comes to quality concrete and decorative flooring systems, Surface Systems is your professional choice! We offer only proven time tested products installed by trained, experienced craftsmen. We never buy into the latest fad or use the newest components until we’re sure they are going to stand the test of time. To do otherwise is to treat our customers as if they were a ‘guinea pig’. You can be sure that we will not do that! While we attend all the trade shows nationwide and talk to countless sales reps to stay abreast of what’s new, we demand to see valid testing, and then conduct our own before offering anything for sale. After all, standing behind our products serves the best interest of both of us!

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maticulous preperation is key to a long-lasting decorative concrete surfaceWe know what it takes to achieve decorative flooring that not only makes a great first impression, but a lasting one as well. Consequently, we have one of the strongest warranties in the industry. All of our products are guaranteed not to peel or delaminate for five full years!

And because of our 15 years in business, coupled with our A+ Better Business Bureau rating, you know we will be here if the need for warranty service ever arises. Proudly, we can say that it seldom ever does!