Yes, There Are Do-It-Yourself Methods.  But...

Thinking about purchasing a do-it-yourself kit from your local home improvement center?
Perhaps if you are lucky, after all your hard work the coating may only peel off where the cars' hot tires come to rest - as evidenced in the photos below. But often the peeling is worse than this. The biggest reason for the peeling is the lack of surface preparation – the concrete really needs to be diamond grinded. (We were subsequently paid to remove this substandard product, which of course adds considerably to the expense, and to install our ColorFlake System.)

Another huge difference is in the coatings themselves – water based coatings in the D.I.Y. kits, versus high solids commercial grade components found in ColorFlake. Additionally, these boxed kits come with no clear coat, that must be purchased separately. Most of the coatings we use aren’t even sold to the public, they are for professional use only.

Finally, can one really compare the overall ‘look’ of this sparse broadcast of color chips to the granite or terrazzo look of Surface System's full color broadcast?

Image shows the downside to some do-it-yourself epoxy floor coating products

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Remember:  Our ColorFlake Systems are a heavyweight, commercial grade coating requiring two days to install.  Even though the D.I.Y. product may be a well-known brand, the home retail versions simply can't compare.


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